Serving Notice Period/Job Seeker

It is a concerning time when you are serving your notice period. You are already looking for a job and leaving your previous secured one. The stress of applying to several jobs and not getting a positive response is worrisome. We’re here to lessen that worry. With our services, you can forget to worry about updating your resume and applying to various jobs.

Know who is currently hiring, if you are serving your notice period, and get an executive immediately available for your assistance at every step.

Serving Notice Period/ Job Seeker Service
Why Is serving notice period service Is Important For Your Business?

We optimize your socials and resumes according to industry standards. People need to have different channels where they can see your potential accordingly. Get your job profile optimized for recruiters and get a secured job before your serving period ends.

This is a specialized service we are providing that you won’t be able to get anywhere else. We will be on your journey of finding a dream new job that surpasses all your expectations. But, to get the perfect job, we need to optimize and update your CV as well as Resume to let recruiters know about your top skills.

We also keep an update on your socials like LinkedIn and other job seeker platforms to find you a job you are looking for. Get connected with us to know more.


Unlimited Areas Of Our Serving Notice Period Offering

Optimized Resume

Optimize your resume with the correct keywords your recruiter will be looking for. Give us a chance to optimize your resume and get help with getting the correct job.

Job Profiles

There are hundreds of job-seeking platforms. You would not have enough time to make a profile across them. Let us do it for you and don't miss any opportunity.

Job Applications

We will be filling out job applications on your profile. After knowing what you are seeking in your job, we will be applying for jobs of similar interests.

Social Updates

Job platforms like LinkedIn are taken into consideration when a recruiter sees your profile. We will update all your profiles on these platforms to get you, your perfect job.