List of 10 Best Free Google Chrome Extensions In 2022

Chrome, developed by Google, is a widely used web browser. Every day, millions of people all around the world use this search engine. Chrome extensions expand the capabilities of this browser.

Top Chrome Add-ons: An Overview

  • Schedule of Google:

Google Calendar is still a top contender among scheduling apps. Users can quickly organize their schedules, plan new activities, and invite others to participate. In addition to sending invites and keeping tabs on responses, you may establish reminders.

  • Grammarly:

Many people use the Grammarly plugin for Google Chrome because it helps them improve their writing. It has a straightforward UI and can check for spelling and grammatical errors. Users have the option to fine-tune their spelling and grammar checks and do plagiarism detection with the touch of a button.


  • To start, it’s absolutely no cost at all
  • Monthly fee of $12 (USD)
  • Cost effective for businesses: $12.50 per month

  • Google Translate:

Have you ever wished you could read the text on a foreign webpage you visited? Chrome can grant to convert the entire page into your preferred language instantly for some regional dialects. The plugin allows you to selectively translate the highlighted text.

  • The Google Scholar Button:

To narrow its search results to academic literature and legal precedents, Google created Google Scholar. By installing this extension, it will appear as a submenu in Chrome’s toolbar. You may also easily switch from online research to a scholarship search. Although it is optimized for use when connected to the college network, it may be set up to function off-campus with the proper qualifications from your campus library.

  • Google Dictionary:

Double-clicking a term anywhere on the web will bring up a definition box. You may also do a text search using the menu bar. Languages beyond English are available.

  • Screencastify:

You may record whatever you observe in a Chrome browser and save it as a clip. Screencastify can perform this on its own, without the need for any other programs. It expands beyond the bounds of the browser window to capture the whole display, webcam thumbnail, and all if that is what you so choose.

Videos may be simply downloaded from platforms like YouTube and Google Drive. If you’re using the free variant, your video length is limited to 10 mins.

  • OneNote Web Clipper:

Compared to Evernote, Microsoft’s OneNote app/service is quite similar and, in some ways, superior. So that it has its Clipper plugin, it can do so in Firefox or Chrome. You may utilize it to store information from any website.

  • Save to Pocket:

Register for a free account then starts using the Save to the Pocket browser add-on, bookmarklets, or applications to save web material for later viewing. With just one tap, you can “Pocket” the material and have it available across each of your gadgets, even while you’re not online.

  • Lightshot:

Lightshot is a simple screen capture application that lets you take only the browser’s window only with a click of a button.  From file posting and sharing to annotation, it provides a whole arsenal of features. What’s more, the captured data may be sent straight to Google for a quick search of visual matches.

  • Loom:

Video illustrating your internet activity is sometimes the most helpful means of explanation. A fast and easy way to do this is using Loom, a screen recording program that also supports voiceovers and enables you to insert your face from a camera into the corner of the movie.

You may either target the current page only or the whole window. Record as much as you want, even without paying a dime.

There is no risk in trying any of these add-ons since they are all completely free. You may deactivate or delete extensions by typing their names into the Chrome URL bar or by right-clicking on their icons in the Chrome taskbar. If you need any SEO Services and know more about the extensions then contact to us.

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